Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Kiss Gel Nails Party

2 weeks ago I was invited to a Kiss Gel Nails Party hosted by my friend Elaine from Toronto Beauty Reviews. It was a held at DesignHerCo Studio (which is own by Dara and is the Best DIY craft studio in Toronto, ON) The party was to do your own manicures using Kiss Gel Nails System Gel Polish.

When Elaine had sent out an invite, I was so excited since she knows that I love anything dealing with nail polish and it was really nice of her to have kids on the invite as well.

The studio was set up in 3 different areas for the afternoon. One was for the ladies who were doing there own nails, a crafts area for kids and a refreshments table.

Elaine had the ladies choose the nail polish colour they wanted to use for there nails.  I chose Merlot which is a deep wine colour and have a seat at one of the tables that was set up for the manicures by using the Kiss Products that were provided for our use: Kiss PRO LED Gel Lamp, Kiss Gel Cleanser, Kiss Base Gel, Kiss Top Gel, and lint-free wipes. 

She explained step-by-step at what we had to do and instructions were also provided as well. Since this was my first time ever trying out a system like this, it took approximately 30 minutes. It would have taken me less time but it was my first time using the system and I was keeping an eye out on my kids at the same time:). I found the system easy to use and very light in weight.

The Everlasting Gel Color is to last for about 14 days but mine only lasted 2 days due to my habit of changing my nail polish colour everyday or every other day. When I went into work the next day, my co-workers thought that I was using Broadway Nails imPress Press-On Manicure. They were all surprised to learn that it was a DIY Gel manicure. 

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Here are some pictures from the event:

DesignHer Co. Studio

The people to follow on Twitter and Instagram

Refreshments table.....mmmm.....cupcakes

Crafts Table of the kids

Crafts table with beads, string and press-on nails

The various colours of Kiss Everlasting Gel Colors

The tables for the DIY Gel Manicures

Products needed to do the Gel Color manicures

Getting my nails done

My completed Kiss Everlasting Gel Color Manicure in Merlot

The ladies getting there nails done

Me (@rs8703) and Elaine of Toronto Beauty Reviews (@TOBeautyReviews)

The items that was in the swag bag that was given from Elaine of Toronto Beauty Reviews and @KissProducts

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